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When we created our company in 2013, we already understood that the situation will develop by one of two following scenarios: we will adequately compete and we shall be able to survive, and we will have the right having occupied ourselves the sector in this business; or we will simply leave from this page of history, without having left any memories of ourselves. Fortunately, we could show worthy competitiveness and come out winners from this struggle, having gained an extensive experience and knowledge which help us to become even more successful and strong now. Because only in the conditions of real struggle can be obtained professional skills of maintaining so difficult from the point of view of sustainability and stability of business, as betting on sports events. Our company works practically by all kinds and the directions betting of sports event. Each of these types has the characteristic differences, each appearance in a varying degree differs in the level and degree of risk and, respectively, amount of profit. Therefore we operate with all types of bets, varying and replacing accents every time individually, taking into account that environment and a situation is prevails of decision-making at the time.

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6% - 7,5% ежедневно в течение 20 дней,
115% - 150% после 20 дней

Подробности планы:
6,0% в день в течение 20 дней
От $ 10- $ 500

6,5% в день в течение 20 дней
От $ 501- $ 1000

7,5% в день в течение 20 дней
От $ 1001 $ 10000

115% - 150% после 20 дней
Минимум: 10 $ - Макс: 10,000 $

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