Просмотр полной версии : EMICoin минимум 1.72% в день!!!

21.03.2015, 02:23
How to Start
Create an account with EMI Company to start cultivate earning today. Make a deposit into the secure platform and check back to receive profit information within 24 hours. You can make withdrawals from your BTC wallet anytime. You can also deposit bitcoins into your account at your leisure to increase your future profits.
Your account history page reflects all activities on your account, including deposits, withdrawals and earnings.

How Much?
To participate EMI Company system, you must invest at least 1 mBTC. There is no maximum investment at this time. Your investment immediately benefits the system, resulting in profits from the very first day of participation. Your first 60 BTC invested in this secure platform enjoy fixed profits of 1.72% to 2.60% daily. Investments above 60 BTC receive variable profits ranging from 3.1 to 4.5% each day. You will receive profit percentage information daily by checking into the platform.
System Growth
Share this amazing platform with your friends and get a reward for referring people to the platform, you'll receive 5% of the initial deposit made by those individuals.

With each new investor, the system continues to grow, which benefits both current and future participants. Join EMI Company today to capitalize on this unique opportunity to turn your stagnant bitcoins into a stable daily profit.

Перевод оч.сокращённо ))

Как начать?
1. Зарегистрироваться и сделать минимальный вклад 0.001 BTC
ваш счёт обновляется каждые 24 часа
снятие в любой момент.

2 Что обещают!
4 вида инвестиций под разный процент!
1. от 0.001 под 1.72% в день
2. от 3 BTC под 2.15% в день
3. от 15 BTC 2.60% в день
4 от 60 BTC плавающий процент прибыли от3.1% до 4.5% в день!

Реф система 3-х ур.
1 ур - 5%
2 ур -2%
3 ур-1%
от вклада рефералов!

При снятии депозита снимается 9% если вашему вкладу не более 1 месяца! Если вклад пролежит от 1 до 3 месяцев то уже 4.5%! Если более 3-х то 2.5%!

Регистрация: https://emicoin.com/?ref=E69030116

21.03.2015, 02:24
Выплаты моментально на кошелёк!

07.04.2015, 13:37
Проверенно платит!