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fastrackhyip.com is is registered since February 1999 in Panama and has been a major gold mining company in Africa and South America. Hence, VGMC is planning to go public by offering IPO units after they collected funds of USD5.0 billion. For that, they have launched a pre-IPO stocks called Convertible Preferable Stocks (CPS) on January 2010. Starting price on January 2010 was USD0.80 per units.

To this date, they are almost USD1.0 billion funds collected with 200,000 shareholders around the world have subscribed to the CPS. With current price of gold hiking to a new high, VGMC is expecting rapid growth in their CPS funds and maybe by 2015, this company will reached their targets of USD5.0 billion of funds. They have opened a new VG Premier Office at Dubai which is located at the famous business tower-the Jumeirah Tower and coming soon in London. Since we purchase assets on your behalf, you effectively have the purchasing power of a million dollar investor, resulting in a massive savings on initial charges that are passed on to you the investor, and lucrative returns. You are able to invest funds you may be saving for your retirement and get large returns, without the risk.

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